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Helix Media Group, established in 2018, is an exciting new film and television production company.

Based upon a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry in the UK and the USA, HMG is focused on producing high quality, concept-driven film and television productions with franchise potential. 

Each production is designed to have maximum international appeal, drawing on our team’s collective experience in the media industry. Our carefully chosen films and programmes are selected based upon close relationships with UK and Hollywood talent agencies, global distribution companies, established film finance companies, respected film sales agencies and talented, experienced crew. 

The team at HMG are committed to producing films with the widest possible appeal, maximising return on investment by producing films which resonate with clearly defined target audiences and buyers worldwide.

Our wealth of experience enables us to select projects based upon viability and appeal, aiming to maximise returns on investment.

Our goal is to produce genre films for clearly defined markets. More than any other movie production company, we know our audience and we know what they like. By working with established writers it is possible to tailor our content to meet the demands of film sales agents and buyers. Our inspiration comes from the universal appeal of blockbuster movies, a model which has time and again proven how concept-driven films can be developed into franchises to expand their reach into other media outlets and increase their profitability.

HMG aims to produce several feature films per year; each, where possible, with the potential for development into franchises through sequels and television series. As an independent company we are well placed to apply our experience and respective talents to bring concept-driven productions with international appeal to an ever expanding global audience.

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